Tanta T
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Tanta T


Singer, songwriter and musician Tanta T, is making her mark in the music world as a force spreading "feel-good" music.


Tanta T's beginnings were deeply rooted in her Jamaican culture. She found the most influential part of her culture to be in the sweet reggae music that constantly flowed through her home as a result of her father's own passions as an avid collector and DJ of reggae music. Though heavily schooled in reggae music, Tanta T also draws much influence from a variety of other genres including light rock, rhythm & blues, and oldies.

Tanta T remains true to herself as an artist and carries a style that reflects her own unique and complex persona.
In her songwriting, Tanta T incorporates knowledge and experience to create a message that is as real as it gets. With ultimate goals of becoming a successful contributor in music and a positive energy in the world, Tanta T offers a word of advice to all those who are following a dream:

“Do not let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do with your own life. You will not get anywhere listening to people who have never been where you are trying to go."


-Tanta T